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Past Preserver Digital Conversions

Preserve Your Past in Every Format!


How much can you fit on one DVD?

Each DVD can hold up to 2 hours of footage, so if your tape is longer, it will need to be split up into multiple discs. 

How long does conversion take?

The VHS tape has to play through the entire thing to transfer it over, so please take that into account for turnaround time. 

What kind of formats can you accept?

I can convert all standard VHS tapes and the smaller VHS-C, Hi-8, 8mm, audio cassettes, and Mini-DV tapes that fit into camcorders. I’m not equipped to convert Betamax at this time. I can also get files off of old floppy discs, CDs, and mini-CDs, and can convert photo negatives/slides to digital files.

Can you put my memories on a flash drive in addition to a DVD?

Yes! For a small surcharge, I will create digital files for you that you can put on a flash drive and share with your family using other cloud sharing services or video hosting sites.

How do I deliver the tapes?

If you are a Utah local, you can drop them off at my house, or if not, you can ship them. You are responsible for the shipping costs to and from my house.

What if one of my DVDs/drives doesn’t work?

If any of your DVDs or drives don’t work, I will make you another copy at no extra cost.

Can I get my original media back?

Yes, the conversion process will not damage the original media, and you can have them back when I’m done.

Can you convert a tape that won’t play anymore?

Unfortunately, I can only convert tapes that can still play. If the tape is broken or too dirty to play, I will not be able to convert it. If you would like, you can pay me to attempt to repair the tape. If it needs to be cleaned in order to play or if the film has come off the reel, I can attempt to repair for a surcharge. I’ll do my best to get it working, but some tapes might still not be playable despite my best efforts.

Can I convert my old commercial VHS movies?

My services are meant only to convert personal videos to a digital format. I do not accept commercial VHS movies. Most of these have copy protection on them anyway that prevents them from being converted.

What do I do if I still have questions?

Please contact me, Michael Young, at